Book of Physics Abstracts


Prof. Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Fouda (  Colour measurements)
Prof. Dr. Elsayed Abd Elaty Elwakil  ( theoretical physics)
Prof. Ahmed Hamza Oraby ( Experimental Physics)
Prof. Magdy Tadros Yacoub Tadros (Atmospheric Physics& Solar Energy Group
Prof . Essam Mohammed-Mohyeldin Abulwafa (Theoretical Physics)
Prof. Alaa El-Din Abd El-Latif El-Khodary ( Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Electronic Materials)
Prof. Abouzeid M. Shalaby
Prof. Taha Zaki Sokkar ( Optics)
Prof. Hamdy Dowiedar ( Experimental Solid State Physics)
Prof. Eman Aly Mohamed Seisa
Prof./ G. El-Damrawi (Glasses Group)
Prof. Dr.Mustafa Kamal  (Metal Physics)
Prof. Dr. K.A.El-Farahaty (Optics Group)
Prof. A. R.Degheidy  (Theoretical Physics Group)   
Dr.Mohamed Abdelaziz  Mohamed Abdelaziz, Lecture of experimental physics, Physics Department     
Dr. El-Metwally M. Abdelrazek :  Professor of physics . Ph. D. in physics, University of Mansoura-Egypt ) ,

prof. Dr. M.T.Attia (Theoretical Physics Group)  


Prof., Mostafa Tawfik Ali Ahmed Ph. D., 1992, Mansoura University, Egypt
Solid State Physics (Polymer Physics)


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