Physics Research Groups



Atomic Physics & Solar Energy Group

Construct some models for estimating the Global Solar Radiation.

Study the environmental behavior by using the Direct, Diffused, and Global Solar Radiation at different filter bands.

Determination of the thermal behavior of the solar pond, and preparing a simulation for the solar pond.


Prof. M. T. Y. Tadros, Ph. D. 1982, form (USSR, Leningrad) Russia, Hydro-meteorological institute, San Potros Porg


Dr. El-Toukhy S. A, Ph. D. 1986, from Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt.

Group of Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Electronic Materials

At present, the focus of our research is on melt textured materials with top seeded melt growth, thick films on ceramic substrates and its applications (fault current limiters) and on low cost preparation of high critical current coated conductors (spray pyrolysis, screen-printing and doctor blade techniques). Our research has involved a large spectrum of experimental techniques and materials preparation approaches. This includes structural studies with X-ray diffraction, DTA/TGA technique, optical and SEM microscopes, AC susceptibility and transport critical current density. We have also developed a large number of national scientific collaborations mainly with teams from Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, and Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University. We have also developed an international collaboration with superconductor group at University of Birmingham, School of Metallurgy and Materials, U.K. and with Department of Low Temperature, Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague. The superconductor group was founded in 2003 as a subgroup from the Group of Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Electronic Materials and since then we have been working on different aspects of high temperature superconductors. Originally concentrating on several materials preparation procedures, sol-gel and solid state reaction techniques, are used in producing precursors which utilized in fabricating thick films and bulk materials. The relationship between materials processing, microstructural and superconducting properties is one of our major concerns in view of developing practical applications based on the investigated materials. UV/visible and IR absorption spectroscopy , X-ray diffraction , Differential Thermal Analysis and Electron Spin Resonance . Preparation, characterization and optimization of polymeric (and /or composite) film, filled with magnetic compounds , as novel types of : electronic elements , magnetic field sensors and microwave modulators . DC electrical resistivity , magnetoresistance , dc and ac magnetic susceptibility ( down to 90 K ) and thermoelectric power ( in the temperature range of 393 to 470 K ) can be measured and correlated with the electronic and atomic structure using the following analysis :

 Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hamza Oraby Professor of Experimental physics .Ph. D. in Electrical engineering , University of Osaka ( Japan ) , March 1983 .The Ph. D. thesis entitled `` Laser annealing studies on Ga As.

Dr. El-Metwally M. Abdelrazek :  Professor of physics . Ph. D. in physics , University of Mansoura ( Egypt ) , 1994 . The Ph . D. thesis entitled `` Physical properties of FeCl3 and CuCl2 doped polyvinylidene fluoride films
Dr. Adel Hassan Hashish  Professor of Physics, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering (June, 1988), Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK. - Ph.D. thesis title : “The influence of electrostatic charge on the deposition of therapeutic aerosols and airborne pollution particles within the human respiratory system”
Associate Professor

 Dr. Hamid Ibrahim Abdelkader : Assistant professor of Physics .Ph. D. in Electronics and electrical Engineering , University of Bath ( U. K. ) , 1988 . The Ph. D thesis entitled `` Electronic control of a
semiconductor Laser for an optical fiber packet LAN `


Prof. Alaa Eldin A. El-Khodary : Prof.of physics .Ph. D. in physics , University of Science and Technology ( Montpelie - France ) , December 1986 .The Ph. D. thesis entitled `` Electrochemical doping of poly-acitylene with Lithium , Electron Spin Resonance study

Dr. Nagah. El-Shishtawi 

Dr. Shalabya I. M. Badr : Lecturer of physics .Ph. D. in physics , University of Mansoura ( Egypt ) , 1995 . The Ph . D. thesis entitled `` Preparation and study of some physical properties of composites containing superconductor - like materials `` .III - Supervision :The group had supervised 12 Ph. D. and 15 M. Sc. thesises .

Dr.Mohamed Abdelaziz Mohamed Abdelaziz, Lecture of experimental physics, Physics Department.
Dr. Mohamed A. Moussa, Lecturer of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Mansoura, Egypt.

Glass Research Group


Trials to make research on glasses in our laboratory in Mansoura have been started at end of 1975. The first publication appeared in Mansoura Science Bulletin in 1979. Since that date research is carried out with a growing rate from year to another, on glasses.
The research involves an experimental investigation of the electrical, elastic, thermal and optical properties of various oxide glasses. Studies have been conducted not only on the properties but also on the structure of silicate, borate, borosilicate glasses, superionic and semiconducting glasses by means of IR and Raman, NMR spectroscopy.
The glass research group includes 14 members (2 professors, 5 associated prof., 3 lecturers and 4 postgraduate students). Our small society become great through the many theses (Ph.D. & M.Sc.) had been defended by group members
In this occasion, the glass research members would like to express the great appreciation to the soul of Prof. I.A. Gohar (group member 1979-1997) for his supporting the group in his life. We are in any time welcome the scientific cooperation in our research area.


Prof. Dr./ H. Doweidar

Prof. Dr./ I.A. Gohar (Deceased)

 Prof./ Y.M. Moustafa

Prof./ G. El-Damrawi 

Associate Professor

 Assoc. Prof./ A.A. Megahed

Assoc. Prof./ H.A. Silim

Assoc Prof. / A.K. Hassan

Assoc. Prof. / K. El-Egili Lecturer

Dr. / S. Abd Al-Maksoud


Mr. / Ehab Salim M.Sc. grant student

Mrs / Rawia M. Ramadan M.Sc. grant student

Mr. / Hany El-Mashad M.Sc. student

Material Science Research Group (Polymers & Semiconductors)

Microstructure of Polymers

Relaxation Phenomenon of Polymers

Piezo- and Pyro-electricity of Polymers

Dielectric Properties of Polymers

Electrical Properties of conducting Polymers   

Thermal Properties of Polymers

Mechanical Properties of Polymers

Nanopolymeric composites.

Plymer Liquid Crystals   

Langmuir-Blodgett Films (LB Films)

Dye-Doped Polymers (second harmonic generation)

Conducting Polymer Composites

Ion-beam Modified Polymers


 Prof. Dr., Mostafa D. Migahed Ph. D., July 1970, Bonn University, Germany, Experimental Physics

Prof., Mostafa Tawfik Ali Ahmed Ph. D., 1992, Mansoura University, Egypt
Solid State Physics (Polymer Physics)

Prof., Magdy A. Ishra Ph. D., 1988, Mansoura University, Egypt
Solid State Physics

Associate Professors

 Dr., Hafiz Rashad Hafiz Ph. D., 1993, Mansoura University, Egypt
Solid State Physics (Polymer Physics)

 Maysa I. Abd El-Hamid Ph. D., 1990, Mansoura University, Egypt Solid State Physics (Polymer Physics)

Dr., Tarek Fahmy Abou el-Azab Ph. D., 1995, Mansoura University, Egypt  Solid State Physics (Polymer Physics)


Abd El Karim Abo El Wafa Ph. D., June 2003

Alaa A. El-Kotp Ph. D., 2003


 Afaf Sarhan, B. Sc. (Physics), Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt, 2

Habiba El-Hindawy, B. Sc. (Biophysics), Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Egypt, 2

Haitham Hammouda, B.Sc. (Physics),Faculty of Science,Mansoura University,Egypt. 20

Metal Physics laboratory  

Team of the research group is centered on the study of structural, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of rapidly solidified metallic alloys.
A major technique used in the formation and the production of the rapidly solidified metal alloys, is the metal-spinning technique (rapid solidification technology).
Rapid Solidification Technology is an important and growing area, especially in new and development materials.
This research involves strong collaborations with other departments in Mansoura University and other universities in Egypt and abroad.
Precision techniques are being developed for the measurements of resistivity and elastic constants of the various types of metallic materials rapidly solidified, for application in Bearing, Soldering Electronics and Microelectronics and in the construction of x-ray and electron radiotherapy shielding.

     Research currently being undertaken includes the following topics:

Hardness indentation measurements for large-grained poly crystals of the trivalent metal aluminum, On Gamma irradiation effects on the mechanical properties of rapidly solidified Al-Sn and Al-Sb melt- spun alloys.
Irradiation, mechanical and structural behavior of Al-Zn based alloys rapidly quenched from melt. Study of the structure and mechanical properties of Tin based metallic alloys rapidly solidified by melt-spinning technique, Physical study on low melting alloys as shielding blocks for mega voltage therapy machines. Evaluation of electronic transport and premature failure in the melt - spun Pb-Sn-Sb-Ag rapidly solidified alloys. Structure, mechanical properties and electrical resistivity of rapidly solidified Pb-Sn- Cd and Pb-Bi-Sn-Cd alloys.
Mechanical properties of glassy metals after annealing, Rapidly solidified of Sn-Sb-Ag ternary bearing alloys.
Comparative evaluation of microstructure, potentiodynamic corrosion, and some physical properties of gallium alloy and dental amalgam restorative materials. X-ray diffraction study of intraocular lenses explanted from eyes with uveitis. Structure, mechanical and electrical properties of lead-free solder alloys.
Shape Memory alloys
Lead Free Solder alloys
Fusible alloys
Fracture Mechanics


Prof. Dr.Mustafa Kamal , Decteur es Sciences, 1974 Montapellier, France. Chairman

Prof .Nabil Ibrahim Zaki Kinawy

Associate Professors

Dr.Mostafa El-Kady

Dr.Adel Daoud

Dr.Abu-Bakr El-Bediwi

Dr.Rizk Mostafa Ibrahim El-Sayed Shalaby  

Nuclear Physics and Environmental Radioactivity Measurements Research Group

The research work in the laboratory includes:
- Determination of the natural radioactivity concentrations in the surrounding environment and the establishment of a baseline map of the background radioactivity.
- Determination of uranium ( 238U ), thorium ( 232Th ) and Radon concentrations in environmental samples ( rocks, sands, air & water ).
The following techniques are present & used in the laboratory:
1- Active Technique, using a low level counting gamma ray spectrometers, NaI(Tl) [ 3” x 3” and 2” x 2” ], 4048 & 8096 MCA, data acquisition systems.
2- Passive Technique, including cup & alpha-autoradioactivity using solid state nuclear track detectors SSNTD ( CR-39 & LR-115 ).
3- Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer ( SIMS).
4- Atomic Force Microscope.


 Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abouzeid, Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, Cairo University, Egypt, 1967.

Prof.Dr. Ali Hassan El-Farrash, Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, Cairo University, Egypt, 1968.

Prof.Dr. Ali El-Sheikh, Ph.D,. in Nuclear Physics, Mansoura University, Egypt, 1982 .

Ass. Professors

 Dr. Ahmed Abu El-Ela, Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics Kiel University, Germany, 1985.

Dr. Ayman Shrief. Ph.D., Experimental Phys., Heidelberg Univ., Germany, 2004 


 Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Yousef, Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, Dresden University, Germany, 1978 .

Dr. Soad Hassan Ibrahim, Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, Mansoura University, 1986.

Dr. Mohamed Soleman Hassan Mekhemr

Dr. Hamada Selim. Ph.D., Atomic Phys., Stirling Univ., Schotland, G. Britan, 1994

Dr. Hesham Yussof. Ph.D., Nuclear Phys., Mansoura Univ., 2009

Ass. Lecturer

Aya Abdel Razik. M.Sc., Biophysics, Mansoura Univ., 2011

Optics Group 

Optics research group

      The research studies in our laboratory focus on the optical and physical characterization of fibrous materials, optical fibres, synthetic polymers and natural fibres, using interferometric techniques and colour measurements. Our laboratory was established in the Physics Department in Mansoura University in 1972. Since then, the research has been carried out with a growing rate from year to year. The techniques were developed from manual measurements to fully automated measurements and online detection of the phenomena. The analysis of the results was developed using software programmes and image analysis techniques for different types of interferograms. These programmes were developed by the optics group members. Many devices were designed to be attached to these interferometric techniques to study the opto-mechanical, opto-thermal and geometric properties of fibres. These devices were also developed from manual to fully automated using stepper motors and software computer programmes. During this period, most kinds of fibres were studied. More than 200 research articles were published in international journals. More than 30 M.Sc. degrees and 25 Ph.D. degrees were awarded. 
The research studies which have been carried out by the optics group members can be categorized into two branches:
1-     Interferometry
      Interferometry is a very useful tool in fibre science. It provides quantitative information about mean refractive indices, birefringence and index profiles of textile, synthetic polymer fibres and optical waveguide fibres. Our studies focus on studying the optical and structural properties of fibres having regular and irregular cross-sectional shapes, homogeneous and heterogeneous structures, natural and man-made fibres. Also, step index and graded index single mode and multi- mode optical waveguides were studied. The optical properties and their relations with the chemical, mechanical and thermal treatments have been studied to give opto-mechanical and opto-thermal properties and their relations with the structural properties of these fibres.
Another interferometric method which has recently been applied in our labs is referred to as Digital Holography. The phase shifting digital holographic interferometry (DHI) method was utilized for investigation of the optical and structural properties of polymer and optical fibres. The used interferometer was adjusted to obtain more than three phase-shifted holograms, in which the phase difference between two successive holograms is π/2. The holograms were combined to gain a complex wave field, which was numerically reconstructed using the convolution approach into amplitude and phase distributions. The reconstructed phase distribution was used to determine the optical and structural properties of some polymers and optical fibres. Examples include mean refractive indices, 3-D refractive index profiles, birefringence and orientation function. DHI was also applied to correlate the optical and mechanical properties of polymer fibres.
Many modifications in the methods of calculation of the refractive indices and birefringence of fibres are carried out by our group. Moreover, new methods utilized for testing and determining fibre characteristics has been developed. Based on these methods and modifications, new techniques were designed and constructed by the members of Mansoura Optics Group. The most important studies carried out using these methods and their modifications are:
1- Investigation of fibres with irregular transverse sections whether these fibres are homogenous with single layer or hetergenous i.e., composed of multilayer structure.
2- Measuring the refractive indices of the fibres without the necessity to measure the refractive index of the used immersion liquid. This can be done by using two fibres, one of them being a standard fibre with known refractive index and dispersion properties.
3- Using the variable wavelength interferometric technique (VAWI) considering the area under the fringe shift and the cross-sectional area of the fibre to calculate the optical path difference integrated across the fibre.
4- Deriving mathematical expressions to measure the refractive index profile of fibres considering the refraction of the incident light beam inside the fibre.
5- Using the optical Fourier transform technique (OFT) with the variable wavelength interferometric technique to determine accurately the positions of the coincidence and anti-coincidence cases of the variable wavelength interferometric technique VAWI technique.
6- Developing and using a novel video opto-mechanical (VOM) device for studying the effect of stretching speed on the optical and structural properties of fibres.
7- On line interferometric investigation of the neck propagation phenomena of the stretched polypropylene fibres.
8- A method using Multiple beam Fizeau fringes for determining the mean refractive index of highly birefringent fibres (highly oriented fibres).
9- Determining the intrinsic birefringence of polymeric fibres.
10- Determining the refractive index and the modification depth of a waveguide generated in a planner polymer chip using UV-laser.
11- Detecting and avoiding the necking deformation along polypropylene fibre axis using the fringe pattern analysis of multiple-beam microinterfermetry.
12- An automatic determination of refractive index profile, sectional area, and shape of fibres having regular or irregular transverse sections.
13- The reconstruction of the refractive indices distribution in 3-D using a single pattern of multiple-beam interference fringes for on-line investigation of necking phenomenon.
14- On-line opto-thermo-mechanical studies of isotactic polypropylene fibres using modified multi-mode opto-thermo-mechanical stretching device.
15- On-line interferometric study on the mechanical fracture behaviour by crazing observed in stretched polypropylene fibres.
16- Studying the effect of recycling on the optical, mechanical and structural properties of polypropylene fibres.
17- Evaluation of the form birefringence and some other structural parameters due to thermal annealing for nylon 6 fibres.
18- The activation energy and some structural parameters of polymer fibres.
19- Optical investigations of thin metallic films.
2- Colour measurements
Colour matching is one of the most important tasks in colorant industries. A computer programme was prepared on the basis of spectral reflectance of dyed textile material to give an accurate estimation for the pattern to be matched (1975). A study of fastness of dyes to light and the effect of finishing treatment on colorimetric properties of dyed fibres was carried out (1976-1977). A comparison study between the colour-difference formulae with respect to the CIE colour-difference formula proposed by Wygzecki in 1964 has been carried out using experimental data of seven direct dyestuffs (1986).
The model to predict colour absorbing – scattering substrates taking into account the effect of optical anisotropy of fibres and definite values of the indices of refraction in the visible spectral range was suggested by the Mansoura Optics Group. Additionally, the prediction of absorbance from reflectance for an absorbing scattering fabric was carried out in 1997.


Members of Mansoura Optics Group
I. Internal members
  •  Professors
    1. Prof. Dr. Ahmed A. Hamza     Google Scholar
    2. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim M. Fouda
    3. Prof. Dr. Taha Z.N. Sokkar
    4. Prof. Dr. Karimal A. El-Farahaty
    5. Prof. Dr. Maher M. El-Tonsy
    6. Prof. Dr. Hany M. Shabana
    7. Prof. Dr. Adel M. Sadik
    8. Prof. Dr. Eaman A. Seisa
    9. Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. El-Bakary
  •  Associate Professors
    10. Assoc. Prof. Mohamed Kabeel
    11. Assoc. Prof. Magdy Shahin
    12. Assoc. Prof. Hassan M. El-Dessouky
  •  Lecturers
    13. Dr. Afaf M. Ali
     Demonstrators and Ass. Lecturers
    14. Mrs. Samar Al-Khateeb Ph.D. student.
    15. Mr. Mohamed E. Raslan Ph.D. student.
    16. Mr. ElEmam Z. Al-Emam M.Sc. Student.
    17. Mrs. M. Al-Agouz M.Sc. Student.
    18. Mr. A. Abd El- Sameea M.Sc. Student.
    II. External members
  • Professors
    19. Late Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mabrouk
    20. Prof. Dr. Ayman Shalshoul ElAssad Military Academy, Syria
    21. Prof. Dr. Moheb Aboel-Maaty
    22. Prof. Dr. Abed M. Nasr
  •  Associate Professors
    23. Assoc. Prof. Wael Ramadan
    24. Assoc. Prof. Mamdouh Shams
    25. Assoc. Prof. Khaled M. Yassien
    26. Assoc. Prof. Mohamed A. El-Morsy
  •  Lecturers
    27. Dr. Ashraf M. Emara
    28. Dr. Hamdy Wahba
    29. Dr. Mostafa A. Agour
    30. Dr. Mohamed A. Nawareg
    31. Dr. Osama Abdel Sattar
    32. Dr. Abdel Hamid T. Hezma
  •  Demonstrators
    33. Mrs. Hanan ElBawab Ph.D. Student.
    34. Mr. Fouad Hanash M.Sc. Student.
    35. Mrs. Amira Adel M.Sc. Student.

Theoretical Group

Concerns studying the branches of physics that have prudential applications and advanced technology and up to date hot topics.
The group of theoretical physics considerate as one of the most important groups in the department of physics at Mansoura University.
The group has outstanding staff members specialized in different aspects of physics:
1- Transfer of radiation & heat through different medium, thin films, aerosols and stochastic binary systems.
2- Band structure calculations of nanostructure materials and studying tunneling processes in these materials.
3- Non-linear Dynamical systems.
4- Dusty plasma.
5- High energy and field theory.



Prof. Dr. S.A.Elwakil


Prof. H.M.Machali

Prof. A. R.Degheidy

Prof. M.A. Madkour

Prof. Dr.E.M. Abulwafa

Prof. Dr. M.T.Attia

Dr. A.M.El-Absy



Dr. A.A. El-Hanbaly

Dr. A.El-Garayhi

Dr. A.El-Shahat

Dr. N.K.Radwan

Dr. M.A.Abdou

Dr. M.Zahran

Dr. M. Sallah

Dr. Emad Kheder El Hefny Attia El Shewy

Dr. Abouzeid Mohammed Shalaby


Biological Advanced Materials Group

Major field of research is preparing new polymeric materials and polymer complexes by using electropolymerization technique. We are focusing on special types of polymers, which can be graphitized after heat treatment, hopping to prepare types of carbon fibers as well as composite materials. We are interested in polyacrylonitrile ,polyacrylamid ,polyacrylicacid , polypropenol and their polmer complexes with different metals.
Physical properties of prepared samples are infesized using A.C Conductivity and dielectric measurements under different temperature and wide range of frequencies ranged from 2x10-3 Hz to 105 Hz using lock in amplifier technique. DC measurments are performed as well as UV , IR and X-ray spectroscopical investigations. Thermal analysis and elemental chemical analysis are also taken into our considerations.
Fikry Mohamed Reicha (F.M.Reicha) Budapest (1981)

Abdel Salam El-Absy (A.M.Elabsy) in theoretical Solid State Physics in (1987) , U.S.A, Main University.

Mohamed Mansour Gabr, France

Aziza Atta Abd El-aziz Rusia (1980)

Mohamed Abozid Dawood Rusia (1980)
The Graduate Students

Dr. Mahdy Mohammed Elmahdy  
Atomic Physics & Solar Energy Group
Group of Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Electronic Materials
Glass Research Group
Material Science Research Group (Polymers & Semiconductors)
Metal Physics laboratory
Nuclear Physics and Environmental Radioactivity Measurements Research Group
Optics Group
Theoretical Group
Biological Advanced Materials


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