Faculty of Science, Mansoura University granted diplomas in one of the following branches of specialization
  • Medical Physics
  • Optical and colorimetric measurements
  • Physics Of Matter
  • Radiation physics
  • Energy physics
  • Geology Applied Economic
  • Environmental Geology and Fourth eras
  • Applied Geophysics
  • Economic Entomology
  • Technical and museums
  • Environment plant
  • Applied Microbiology
  • Bacteriology
  • Technology reclamation and cultivation of desert land
  • Agriculture plant tissues and plant breeding
  • Appliedphysical Chemistry
  • Appliedanalytical Chemistry
  • Chemistryandplasticstechnology
  • Chemistry dyes
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Statistics and ComputerScience
Instructions to be registered in the Diploma Degree: -
-Obtaining a bachelor's degree in science from an Egyptian university, equivalent degree from Scientific recognized Institute, or a bachelor's degree from other faculties suitable for specialization.
-The student must be full-time full sabbatical during the study

Instructions to obtain the diploma degree of high studies: -
- Passing successfully the oral and practical study in the university board. Each oral hour: 50 degrees, each practical hour: 25 degrees.
- Entering the exam of ending each term in the studied hours, maximum 2 hours.
- Each subject has an exam, the student should obtain 60% minimum of each subject.

The student had to be re-examined the failed exams just one time to calculate the obtained evaluation. The grades of subjects and the grand total are as follow: - Excellent 90% or more – Very good 80% to 90% - Good 70% to less than 80% - Pass 60% to 70% - weak less than 60%.
Practical hours could be added – decided by the concerned department council – 6-8 hours in each term in addition to the decided by the board after the agreement of the faculty council.





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