Geology Research Groups

 Applied geophysics


Prof. Dr. Fouad F. Shaaban 


Prof. Dr.  Hosni H. Ghazala  


Prof. Dr. El-Khedr H. Ibrahem



Prof. Dr. Mohamed R. Shereef


Dr. Hamdy H. Seisa


Prof. Ahmed E. Mahmoudi


Dr. Adel K. El-Sayed


Dr. Ahmed A. Galladi



Mr. Mohamed Awad 


Mrs. Lamees M. El-Sayed 


Amal Abd El-Ghani



Research Topics
1. Geophysical studies and basin modeling of the hydrocarbon reservoirs in the north Western Desert and northern Nile Delta area.
2. Studying the natural hazards and environmental changes in the Burulus-Manzala Lagoons and in the 10th of Ramadan area.
3. Studying the natural resources and environmental changes in the south Gulf of Aqaba area.
4. Delineating and scanning the locations of the buried military mines in the northern Western Desert, Egypt.
5. Studying the structural and lithologic aspects that control the distribution and occurrence of groundwater in the eastern and western parts of the Nile Delta, using geophysical tools.
6. Studying the seismological hazards and its relation to the seismological activities in North Africa.
7. Studying the distribution of the seismic acceleration and its application in the seismological prediction and seismic mitigation.
8. Studying the Syrian Arc System and its relation to the occurrence of hydrocarbon reservoirs.
9. Studying the natural and man-made hazards in Mokattam area using GIS and remote sensing techniques.
10. Mapping and delineating the physical properties of a peat-layer in the subsurface of the Nile Delta area in Dakahliya Governorate for its importance in construction and other engineering purposes.


Rocks, minerals and ores deposits

Prof. Dr. Ahmed A. El-Metwally


Prof. Dr. Abdelkader A. Zalata 


Dr. Mahrous A. El-Enen


Dr. Farid M. Makroum


Dr. Shabaan E. Mashaal


Dr. Ahmed Shalabi 


Dr. Azza A. Ragab




Mr. Ahmed A. Ramadan


Mrs. Fatma E. Deshesh 


Amany Adel


Research Topics:
1. Geochemistry, dating and metamorphic evolution of metamorphic complexes of the Eastern Desert and Sinai.
2. Erosion, accretion and sedimentological studies on the northern coast of Nile Delta and its continental shelf.
3. Mineral prospecting and radioactivity of some shear zones of Southern Sinai.
4. Geochemical prospecting of the Wadi deposits of Southern Sinai and the Eastern Desert of Egypt.
5. Geology and radioactivity of some granite rocks from Southern Sinai and the Eastern Desert of Egypt.
6. Petrogenesis and mineralogy of some per-Alkaline Granites and the hosted enclaves from Southern Sinai Massif.




 Stratigraphy and paleontology


Prof. Dr. Mahmoud A. Kora






Prof. Dr. Salah Y. El-Beialy


Prof. Dr. Hamed A. El-Nahas



Prof. Dr. Salah N. Ayyad


Prof. Dr. Abdallah M. Shahin







Prof. Dr. Mohamed M. Abed


Dr. Hosni H. Hamama



 Dr. Ramadan H. Abu Zeid



Dr. Hesham Sallam



  Mrs. Safaa M. Shahin


Mr. Haytham S. Al-Atfy 


Heba El Desoky





Research Topics:
1. Biostratigraphy and isotopic composition of the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Paleogene succession in Western Sinai and north Eastern Desert.
2. Quaternary Biostratigraphy and paleoclimate of the north Nile Delta area.
3. Stratigraphy of subsurface Paleogene- Lower Neogene succession in the Qattara Depression area, north Western Desert, Egypt.
4. Cretaceous-Paleogene ostracodes from the Abu Gharadig Basin, Western Desert, Egypt.
5. Applied palynological studies of the subsurface succession in the north Western Desert, Egypt.
6. Vertebrate paleontologic studies on some Paleogene outcrops in Fayoum area, Egypt.
7. Carboniferous fossils of the Gulf of Suez region, Egypt: stratigraphic classification and geographic distribution.
8. Cretaceous macrofossils from Sinai, Egypt: Systematic and biogeography.
9. Geoenvironmental studies on the Red Sea coastal plain, Egypt.
10. Sequence stratigraphy of some Cretaceous and Tertiary successions in Egypt.





Sedimentation and sedimentary rocks


Prof. Dr. Essam M. El-Khoriby



Prof. Dr. Adel M. Genedi



Prof. Dr. Omar A. Hegab


Prof. Dr. Adam E. Yousif


Dr. Essam F. Sharaf


Mr. Tarek I. Enan 


Mr. Ahmed I. El-Belasy 



Ahmed Gomaa


Research Topics:
1. Sedimentological studies of the Middle Miocene deposits along the northwestern coastal plain, Egypt.
2. Sedimentological studies on some Cretaceous successions in Southern Sinai, Egypt.
3. Lithostratigraphy of the Upper Quaternary sediments in the Nile Delta area, Egypt.
4. Anatomy and depositional evolution of some sand islands in the Nile Delta area, Egypt.
5. Sedimentological studies on the Burullus Lagoon, Northern Nile Delta, Egypt.
6. Sedimentology and hydro-geochemistry of some sabkhas in the Bahariya Oasis area, north Western Desert, Egypt.
7. Economic evaluation of the placer deposits in wadis of the Eastern Desert, Egypt.
8. Lithostratigraphy of the Pliocene deposits in Wadi El Natrun area, Egypt.
9. Effect of diagenesis on the reservoir quality: Case studies from some Egyptian oil fields.
10. Geoenvironmental assessment, Halayib area, Eastern Desert, Egypt.








Hydrogeology and petroleum geology









Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid A. Taha



Dr. Ghaleb I. Issa


 Dr. Hamdy M. Serag El-Din








Dr. Mohamed A. Shata


Mr. Walid Sh. Deiasty



Mr. Mahmoud L. Abu-Leila



Hanaa Al Adl


Mohamed Shawky




Research Topics:
1.Environmental impact assessment of the Quaternary aquifer in the Dakahliya Governorate, Egypt.
2.Basin modeling and reservoir characterization of the Nile Delta region, Egypt.
3.Organic geochemistry and hydrocarbon potentiality of the northwestern part of the Nile Delta, Egypt.
4.Impact of the geomorphologic setting on the environmental development of the protected areas, Sinai, Egypt.
5.Geochemical characteristics and pollution assessment of the groundwater Quaternary aquifer in Northern Sinai, Egypt.
6.Hydrogeological studies on the northern depressions of the Western Desert and their environmental impact.
7.Structural setting of the Gulf of Suez region and its relation to natural resources.
8.Structural impact on the gold mineralization in the Eastern Desert of Egypt.





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