Mathematics Research Groups

Applied Mathematics

Prof. H. M. Yehia
(Theoretical Mechanics

Prof. M. N. Allam
(Elasticity, Viscoelasticity)

Prof. E. Ahmed
Field Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics

Prof. Magdy Elias Fares
(Theory of Elasticity)

Dr. Khaled Abd El-Azim Elsibai
(Thermo Elasticity)

Dr. Samy Ahmed Abd El-Hafeez (Theoretical Mechanics)

Dr. Youssif George Youssif
(Theoretical Mechanics)

Dr. Awad Ibrahim El-Gohary
(Theoretical Mechanics)

Dr. Samya Hassan
(Theoretical Mechanics)

Dr. Mahmoud Hamdi Abd El-Hafeze (Hydrodynamics)

 Dr. M. N. Farah  
(Fluid Mechanics)

Dr. Mohammed Fathy Elettreby

Dr. Muntaser Safan

Dr. A. A. Elmandouh
(Theoretical Mechanics

Pure Mathematics

Prof. A. F. Dowidar
(Mathematical Analysis)

Dr. Magdi Hakeem Armanious

Dr.Taher Salah Hassan Abdelmonem

(Pure Mathematics).

Dr. Yasser Ahmed Sadek Elsayed Elmasry

Group of Abstract Algebra

Prof. A. S. Hegzi
(Harmonic Analysis)

Dr.Saleh Saleh Al-Mahdy

Dr. Soad Abd El-Mohsin Abd El-Aziz

Dr. Mirvat Abd El-Bary El-Sharabasy




Dr. Zeinab Ahmed Hafiz

Dr. M. H. Armanious (Algebraic Combinatorics

Dr. F. S. Ibrahim (Lattice Theory)

Dr.Tarek Fawzi Abdelhamid

Group of Complex Analysis

Prof. M. K. Aouf


Dr. Hala Mahmoud Hossen

Dr. Hanan El-Saied Awad Darwish

Dr. Adeela Othman

Group Of Differential and Integeral Equations

Prof. El. M. Elabbasy
(ordinary differential equations)


Dr. Hamdy N. Agiza
(Differential equations, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems)


Dr. Magdy Youssef Barsoom
(ordinary (differential equations)


Dr. Ibrahim Saad Abd El-Fattah
(Integral Equations)

Dr. Mahasen Ahmed Ibrahim
( Calculas of variations)

Dr. Samir Saker
(Dynamic Equations &
Mathematical Biology)

Dr. Mohamed M. El-dessoky Ahmed


Dr. H. El-Metwally (Differential Equations


Group Of Probability and Statistics





Dr. Ahmed F. Mashhour ( Mathematical Statistics

Prof. A. H. El-Bassiouny
(Mathematical Statistics)

Prof. . Ammar Mahmoud Ali Sarhan (Reliability )

Prof. Beih El-Sayed El-Desouky

Dr. Mahmoud Taha Yaseen
(Probability Theory and Math.Statistics)

Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Gad
(Probability and Statistics)

Dr. Faten Abd Alla Shiha

Dr. Abdelfatah Mustafa Mohamed Elsayed (Statistics and Computer Science)


Group of Topology

Dr. S. F. Tadros

Dr. M. E. El-Shafei

Dr. E. A. El-Rifai
(Geometric Toplogy, Knot Theory)

Dr. Ahmed S. Abd-Allah





 Group Of Numerical Analysis


Dr. M. E. A. El-Mikkawy


Dr. Samia El-Sayed Abou Awad


Dr. Adel Ahmed Ahmed Attiya


Dr. El Desouky El Tamimy Rahmo
(Numerical analysis).

Group of Differential Geometry

Dr. Awatif Mohammed Shahin

Dr. Mohamed Abue El-Roos

 Dr. Adel Bahy-Eldien

Group Of Mathematics & Computer Sciences

Dr. Sameh El Said Askar


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