Book of botany abstracts


Prof. Fathy Awaad. Mansour- Bacteriology and Microbial Physiology
Prof. Mahmoud E. Younis- Plant metabolism and growth
Prof. Mohamed N. Abdel-Ghany, Plant Physiology, Enzymology
Prof.Amal A. Abdel-Wahid, Cytology and Genetics
Prof.Mahmoud A. Zahran, Ecology of desert, salt marsh
Prof.Mohammad Ali Abbas-Plant Physiology, Mineral Nutrition
Prof.Mohammed Abd El- Aziz Mohammed El-Demerdash Plant Ecology
Prof.Omar A. Al-Shahaby Plant Physiology, Water-Plant Relationship
Prof.Gamal Abdel-Fattah.Phycology          
Prof.Heshmat Aldesuquy.physiology            
Prof. Mohamed El-Naggar. Chemo-taxonomy       
Prof.Yehia A. Applied Phycology        
Prof.Samia Haroun, Plant physiology
Prof.Wafaa Shukry, Plant physiology
Prof.Magda Soliman, Plant Genetics and Cytology
Prof.Ibrahim Mashaly, Plant ecology     
Prof.Samy Abo-el Kasem, Phytohormones and Water Relations     
Prof.El-Halawany, Plant ecology   


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