Book of Chemistry Abstracts


Prof. Abdel-Bary, E.M. Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry and Technology
Prof. Abdel Rahman, A.H., Ph.D., Cairo Univ. (1973), Organic Synthesis
Prof.Afsah, E.M., Ph.D, Ain-Shams Univ., (1973), Organic Synthesis
Prof. Zoorob, H.H., Ph.D. Organic Synthesis
Prof. Fadda, A.A., Ph.D. Organic Synthesis
Prof. Basily, I.K., Ph.D. Petroleum Chemistry
Prof. Etman, H.A., Ph.,  Organic Synthesis
Prof. Abdel-Razik, E.A., Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry
Prof. Sayed El-Ahl A. I., Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Prof. Abd El-Aal, M.Y. Ph.D.  Polymer Chemistry
Prof. Moawad, E.B., Ph.D.  Organic Synthesis
Prof. Doria Saleh Badawy
Prof. EL-Desouky E.I., Ph.D. Organic Synthesis
Prof.Ibrahim M. EL-Sherbiny, Ph.D.  Polymer Chemistry
Prof. Abdel-Mogib, M., Ph.D. Natural Products
Prof.Girges, M.M., Ph.D. Organic Synthesis
Prof. El-Far, M.A., Ph.D.  Biochemistry
Prof. El-Waseef, A.M., Ph.D. Biochemistry
Prof. Bondock S.B., Ph.D.  Photo Chemistry
 Prof. Hamama, W.S., Ph.D.  Organic Synthesis
Prof. Berghot, M.A., Ph.D. Organic Synthesis
Prof. Keshk E.M., Ph.D.  Organic Synthesis.
Dr.El-Sokkary, A. M
Prof. Abou-Seif, M. A. M  Biochemistry  
Prof. El-Khawaga, O.Y Biochemistry     

Elewady, Y.A., Ph.D. Physical Chemistry.  

Fouda, A.S., Ph.D., Physical Chemistry  

Bekheit, M.M., Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry    


Kenawy, I.M., Ph.D , Analytical Chemistry        


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