Philosophy Doctorate


Mansoura University grants the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in sciences in one of the following specializations: -
In the field of Physics: -
Oral physics – experimental physics – Medical physics – bio-physics
• In the field of chemistry: -
Organic chemistry – inorganic chemistry – physical chemistry – Analytical chemistry – bio-chemistry
• In the field of Math: -
Sheer Math – Applied Math – statistics and computer science
• In the field of Geology: -
Metals, stones and materials precipitates – precipitates stones excavations and layers – Geology of gas and water – applied geo-physics – Geology of environment.
• In the field of botany: -
Plants physiology – plant environment and classification of plants – genetics and plant cell – microbiology
• In the field of animals: -
Animal physiology and environment – comparing anatomy and embryology – intrusion and invertebrate – biology of fishes – biology of cell and genetics – entomology

Other specializations could be built upon the recommendation of departments' councils and the acceptance of Faculty and University councils according to the rules of Universities organization law.

To be registered in the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in sciences;
THE student should obtain the Masters degree first from one of the Egyptian Universities or any equal degree from any other scientific institute (notarized in the field of doctorate degrees). He should also pass the English Exam of International or local TOEFL and achieve score of 450 degrees at least before presenting his research to the concerned department council except students who obtained before while preparing for the Masters.

Instructions to obtain the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in sciences: -
• The student should make creative researches considered as new scientific additions in a subject admitted by the council of high studies and researches upon the suggestion of concerned department council and the acceptance of the faculty council for two years at least from the date of the acceptance of faculty council.
• The student would participate in presentation and attending scientific discussion sessions determined by the department. The student should attend 70% of the annual decided hours of discussion by the department.
• The student should lecture the subject of the research before presenting the research to the department council and the supervision committee would report about the validity of the research to be offered to the judgment committee.
• The student should offer –before the research- a testimony about publishing the research because of the scientific results reached in a scientific magazine specialized and issued by a scientific administration regularly and it should be abstracted.
• The committee of judging and discussing contains 3 members: one of them is from the supervision committee on the research and the other two members are from out of the university; two professors from universities, centers or specialized institutes of scientific researches. One of them should be from abroad. In case of multi supervisors on one research, the committee could be more than three members according to the rules of act No. (104) of the executive board of the law of Universities organizing. Each member of the committee should offer a separate scientific report about the validity of the research.
• The oral discussion should be determined then in a public lecture attended by the judges after they offer positive reports. In case of absence of one judge, his individual report would be enough and the department should appoint another professor to attend the discussion on time. The procedures of notarizing the new committee could be done later by the faculty and the university. The committee should offer a complete report about the result of the discussion and the result of the judge. Individual reports and the report of discussion committee would be showed to the department council to recommend granting the degree. Faculty council has the right to permit for the student determine another time to offer another research after a period determined by the faculty council after the opinion of department council for two times at most.




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