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Department of Botany was founded within the Faculty of Medicine at Mansoura, Cairo University, in the early 1960 by Prof. Dr. S. S. Ghanim. In 1969, it was relocated as part of the newly founded Faculty of Science and headed by the late Prof. Dr. A. E. Younis, who was the Dean of the college for 8 consecutive years. First class was graduated in 1973. The department started with three faculty members and two teaching assistants, since then it continues to grow. The department has 4 Emeritus professors, 11 professors, 17 associate professors, and 7 assistant professors (lecturers). The teaching staff consists of: 2 assistant ecturer (M.S.), 5 demonstrators, 15 research assistants, and 19 laboratory technicians. The department has laboratory facilities for teaching (6 Labs) and research (7 Labs), a microbiological analysis unitThe , a herbarium for flowering plants and algae, water plants aquarium, and a greenhouse. research laboratories are designated for the following areasphycology, : plant physiology, bacteriology, mycology, cytogeneticsa modern , plant ecology, and a central laboratory. The department is undertaking the establishment of facility for molecular biology and genetic engineeringmajoring in The department teaches undergraduate students biologyundergraduate , chemistry, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary, and education. The department offers the following and graduate degrees: B.S. in Botany, and Botany-chemistry. M.S., and Ph.D. in Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology, Microbiology, and Cytology and genetics. Diplomas in Plant Physiology, Bacteriology, Applied Microbiology, and Cytogenetics. The department is actively involved in serving the community and the Dakahlyia Governerate, in several ways. It carries out research Projects dealing with local problems and participates in upgrading and training of the schoolteachers.


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