Staff Members


Emeritus Professors

Amal A. Abdel-Wahid, Cytology and Genetics
Anwar T. Mankarous

Mahmoud E. Younis, Plant metabolism and growth.

Mahmoud A. Zahran, Major: Ecology of desert, salt marsh, mountain, fresh water, and mangrove vegetation. Economic potentialities of halophytes. 


Salah M. El-Dohlob ,Mycology

Mohammad Ali Abbas, Major: Plant Physiology, Mineral Nutrition

 Mohamed N. Abdel-Ghany, Plant Physiology, Enzymology 

Salah A. I. Ashour, Major: Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology-Biotechnology.

 Omar A. Al-Shahaby : Plant Physiology, Water-Plant Relationship.

Mohammed Abd El- Aziz Mohammed El-Demerdash : Plant Ecology

Samy A. Shaaban Desouki ,: Algae-Hydrobiology

Yehia A. Azab Major: Applied Phycology, biochemical taxonomy of algae, medicinal uses of algae, and algae and water pollution.

Mohamed A. El-Nagar Major: Chemo-taxonomy of Algae.

Zakaria A. Baka, Plant Pathology, Ultra Structure.

Samy A. Hamed ,Phytohormones and Water Relations.

Gamal Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah

Heshmat S. Al-Desuquy, Major: Plant Physiology, Water Relations and Growth Hormones

Magda Ibrahim Soliman

Samia A. Haroon , Major: Plant Physiology

Wafaa M. Shoukry, Major: Plant Physiology

Fatima F. Megahed, Major: Microbiology

Yehia A. O. Ellazeik, Major: Microbial Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Mohamed E. Abou-Zeiada, Plant Ecology, Flora

Abdel-Daiem A. Al-Shereef , Major: Mycology, Microbial Phsiology

Ibraheim A. Mashaaly
Major: Plant Ecology, Flora


Associate Professors:

Hany A. Sweeha Major: Plant Virology

Afaf M. Gaber, Major: Plant Physiology, Stress Physiology, Water Relation of Plants and Plant Metabolism.

Habieba M. Al-Saht Major: Plant Physiology, Enzymology.

Abdel-Rahman I. Soliman Major: Physiology of algae, and Algal Biofertilizers.

El-Sayed F. El-Halawany Major: Plant Ecology, Flora, Phyto-chemistry

Sekeina M. Ayyad Major: Palynology

Hamed M. El-Shora Major: Plant Physiology, Enzymology.

Mohamed I. Abdel-Hameed Major: Algae and Water Pollution.

Attiya Hamed Mohamedin, Major: Molecular Genetics of Bacteria

Assistant Professors ( Lecturers)

Linda Z. Samaan Major: Plant Transformation and Tissue Culture.

Ehsaan M. El-Habashey Major: Plant Ecology and Plant Taxonomy

Mervat H. Hussain Major: Physiology of Algae

Hoda M. Soliman Major: Plant Pathology, Phytotoxins, tissue culture.

Maha A. El-Shamy Major: Phytochemistry.

Haala M. Abdel-Mageed Major: Molecular Systematic of Flowering Plants

Dr.Adel Ahmed Ali Al-Morsi Molecular Virology



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