Research Groups

Analytical Chemistry 

Research activities : Atomic spectroscopy, separation science, environmental science

This branch of research is carried out to develop new procedures for analysis of important samples to the present life, assessment of environmental pollution in the surrounding, provinces with a view to overcoming the impacts of pollution, interference studies in spectrometry and spectrophotometry with the object to get rid of such effect.

Prof. Dr. El-Wakeel A.M., Ph.D.,Czeckoslovak Acad. Of Science,Prague, (1975


 Prof. Dr. Kenawy, I.M.,

Ph.D., Rohr University Germany (1980)


Prof. Dr. El-Difrawy, M.M., Ph.D., University. Of Depurtin, Hungary (1981)


Prof. Dr. Hafez, M.A.,

Ph.D., Pardubice University Czeckoslovakia (1980)

 Prof. Dr. Ghazy, S.S.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1982)

Prof. Dr. Khalifa, M.I.,

Ph.D., Romania (1982)


Prof. Dr. Mostafa, M.A., Ph.D.,

Mansoura University (1983)

 Dr. Akl, M.A.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1990)


 Dr. Mahdy, A.M.,

Mansoura University (1982)


Abou El-Maaty W.M

Mansoura University (1982)





Biochemistry Research activities deal with :

i) using porphyrins and other sensitizers in the diagnosis treatment of certain types of cancer using sophisticated laser technology . This research is being conducted in collaboration with Mansoura University hospital
ii) uses of some enzyme for the diagnosis or prognosis of some diseases, malignant and others ,
iii) BCR technology in genetic diseases.

Prof. Dr. Osman, H.G.,
Ph.D., University of Liverpool, UK (1953)

Prof. Dr  El-Waseef, A.M., Ph.D., Alexandria University (1973)

Prof. Dr. El-Far, M.A.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1981).


Prof. Dr. El-Naggar, M.M.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1984)

Prof. Dr. Abou-Seif, M.A.,
Ph.D., Mansoura University (1991).

Dr. Mohamed, A.F.,
 Ph. D., Mansoura University (1990).


Dr.  El-Khawaga O.Y.,
Ph.D., Mansoura University (2000). 

Dr. Yousef M.M.,

Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (2002)


  Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry : This branch includes i) the synthesis of first, second and third rows of transition metal complexes as well as some of the non-transition metal ions, ii) structure determination is being detected using spectral, magnetic and thermal and x-ray methods iii) applications of the complexes on different areas, iv) research in the field of organometallic including Ru, Rh and Re ions is carried out.

 Research activities: Coordination chemistry, applied inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, macrocyclic molecules and thermal properties of complexes.

Prof. Dr. Mostafa, M.M.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1975).

Prof. Dr. EI-Asmy, A.F.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1981).

Prof. Dr. Bekheit, M. M .

Ph.D., Inst. Of Chemical Technol., Moscow (1981).




Prof. Dr. Ahmed, K.M. Ph.D., Mansoura University (1983). 

Prof. Dr. Abou-El-Reesh, G.M.,

Ph.D. Mansoura University (1984).

Prof. Dr. Rakha, T.H.,

Ph.D., University of Buchkarest, Romania (1984)


Prof. Dr. Nawar, N.A,

Ph.D., University of Liverpool, UK (1989).

Prof. Dr Emam, M.S., 

Ph.D., Germany (1981). 

Dr. El-Shazly, R.M.,

Ph. D., Mansoura University (1986).


Dr. Mostafa, S.l.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1993).

Dr. EI-Ayaan UJ.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (2005)


Dr. Gabr, I.M.,

Ph.D., Mansoura, University (1995)


Dr..EI-Gammal, O.A.,

 Ph.D., Mansoura University (1998)


Dr. EI-Metwally N.M.

Ph. D., Mansoura Univ., (2002)



Organic Chemistry

Research activities: include the following groups:
C-Heterocyclic Chemistry
D- Natural Products
E- Organic Synthesis
F- Petroleum and Petrochemistry
G- Polymer Chemistry

A-Photochemistry: Research in this field includes: i) photosynthesis, including some studies with enones type on [2+2] cyclo addition and electrocyclo addition reactions, and others on sigmatropic rearrangement, ii) photo oxygenation of some natural products, iii) photobiology (photo chemotherapy), including some studies on photo damage to DNA caused by free radical and some natural sensitizers such as hematoporphyrin.

Prof. Dr. Abou-Elzahab, M.M.,

Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1982),


Dr. Bondock S.B.,

Ph.D., Koln Univ., Germany (2003).


Prof. Dr. Khalil, A.M

Ph.D., Birmingham Univ., UK (1968)



Dr. Atia E. A.,

Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (2003).


Dr. Abdel-Salam E.A.,

Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (2004).



Dr. EI-Shafei E. A.,

Ph.D., USA. (2005)


C-Heterocyclic Chemistry

 Research is being conducted in the synthesis of heterocyclic organic compounds of different classes having prospective pharmacological activity .Synthesis of heterocyclic compound relevant to important agrochemical are also being conducted

Prof. Dr. Zoorob, H.H.,
Ph.D. Ain - Shams Univ. (1973)

Prof. Dr. Metwally, M.A.
Ph.D. Mansoura Univ., 1979
 D.Sc. Mansoura Univ., 2007.

Prof. Dr. Hamama, W. S., Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1983).


Prof.Dr.Berghot, M.A.,

Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1988)

Dr. Ismail M.A.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1999)


 D- Natural Products

Research activities in this field include, i) isolation and structural elucidation of compounds from natural sources, especially medicinal and physiologically active plants using chemical and modern spectroscopic methods, ii) chemical modification of natural products to enhance some physiological activities.

Prof. Dr. Dawidar, A.M.

Ph.D. Cairo Univ., (1969).

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Mogib, M.,

Ph. D., Mansoura Univ., (1990).




E- Organic Synthesis

The research in organic synthesis covers a wide range of topics which include: a) the study and development of new methods of synthesis and intermediates of synthetics importance, b) synthesis of molecules of interest to the pharmaceutical and the dying industries, c) synthesis of new polycyclic systems and heterocycles related to alkaloids, d) the multi-stage synthesis of complex molecules. Also research includes synthesis of new reagents of silicon compounds, reactions using new organosilanes and synthesis of new compounds with chiral carbons.


Prof. Dr. Amer, F.A.,
Ph.D., Assiut Univ., (1971).


 Prof. Dr. Abdel Rahman, A.H.,
Ph.D., Cairo Univ. (1973).

Prof. Dr. Kandeel, E.M.,
Ph.D., Washington State
Univ., USA (1972).


Prof. Dr. Afsah, E.M.,
Ph.D, Ain-Shams Univ., (1973).

Prof. Dr. Fadda, A.A.,
Ph.D, Moscow University (1981).

Prof. Dr. Hammouda, M.H., Moscow Univ., Moscow (1981). 



Prof. Dr. El-Morsi, S., 
Ph.D., Bangalore Univ., India (1983)



Prof. Dr. Etman, H.A., 
Ph.D, Mansoura Univ., (1982).


Prof. Dr. Girges, M.M., 
Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1983).



Prof. Dr. Kandeel, E.R.,
Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1981)


Prof. Dr. Sayed EI-Ahl A. I.,
Ph.D., Mansoura University (1992).


Dr. El-Saeady, M.Y.,
Ph.D., Kyushu Univ., Japan (1981)




Dr. Moawad, E.B.,
Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1984).



Dr. EL-Desouky E.I.,
Ph.D. Mansoura Univ., (1990).


Dr. Abdel-Azim. D.S.,
Ph.D. Mansoura Univ., (1984).



 Dr. Keshk E.M.,
Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1998).


Dr. EI-Kasaby, M.M.,
Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1988).



Dr. El-Fedawy, M.G.,
Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1991).




F- Petroleum and Petrochemistry

The research in petroleum chemistry includes a) a catalytic pyrolysis of heavy distillates separated from crude oils, b) a two-stage pyrolysis technique using different synthesis catalysts, c) processing of petroleum fractions, d) synthesis of detergents.

Prof. Dr. Habib, O.M.,

Ph.D., Czeckoslovak Acad. Of Science Prague, (1975).

Prof. Dr. Basily, I.K.,

Ph.D., University of Azerbegane, USSR (1979).

Prof. Dr. Hassan, H.M.

Ph.D., Romania (1980).



G- Polymer Chemistry

 Polymer Chemistry Research in polymer includes polymer synthesis and modification, enzyme-analog built polymers, photodegradation and stabilization of polymers, synthesis and characterization of hydrogels, controlled release of bioactive materials from polymers, structure-properties relationship of additive in polymers, electrical insulating and electrical conducting polymers, and recycling of thermoplastic and rubber wastes. Research onto the recycling of polyethylene plastic films used in greenhouses has been financially supported by IDRC, Canada while research onto the recycling of rubber wastes was financed by US-AID through Scientific Research and Technology Cooperation at Egyptian Academy of Sientific Research and Technology

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Bary, E.M.

Ph.D., Inst. Of  Fine Chem. & Technol., Moscow (1969).

Prof. Dr. Sarhan A. A.

Ph.D., University of Bonn, Germany (1971).

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Razik, E.A.,

Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (1986 )


Prof. Dr. Abdelaal, M.Y.

 Ph.D., Mansoura University (1991)

Dr. Ali. M. M.,

Ph.D., Univ. of Mersburg Germany (1980).

Dr. Aiad, D.M.

 ph.D., Mansoura Unic. (2005)


 Physical Chemistry

 Research activities include the following groups

A- Electrochemistry
B- Kinetic, Surface and Catalysis
C-Theoretical Chemistry
D-Thermodynamics and solution Chemistry
E-Solid State Chemistry
A- Electrochemistry:

Electrochemical research includes the following topics: i) the corrsion and inhibition of corrosion of industrial metals and alloys, the electrochemical reduction of organic and inorganic compounds , and c)the electrodeposition of metals, oxides and alloys and fuel cell.
Research activities : Corrosion & corrosion inhibition, polarography, stripping voltametry, electroanalysis and surface electrochemistry. 

Prof. Dr. Morsi, M.A.,

Ph.D., Hungarian Acad. of Science (1972)

Prof. Dr. Elewady, Y.A.,

Ph.D. Assiut University (1973)

Prof. Dr. Fouda, A.S.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1979)


Prof. Dr. EI-Asklany, A.,
Ph.D., Mansoura University (1981)

Prof. Dr. Helmy, AM.,
Ph.D., Mansoura University (1982

Prof. Dr. EI-Shafei, A A Ph.D., Mansoura University (1990



Ph.D., Mansoura University(1984).

Dr. Elewady G.Y.

Ph.D., Mansoura Univ., (2002)


  Dr. Oauf A.M.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (2004)


B- Kinetic, Surface and Catalysis

This includes reforming, cracking, oxidation, dehydrogenation, hydrogenation gas adsorption and adsorption from solution. There is ongoing cooperation with fertilizer companies in this field of research.
Research activities: Kinetic and heterogeneous catalysis, surface chemistry and colloids, surface chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis, photo catalysis and homogeneous catalysis, surface chemistry and catalysis in environmental.

Prof. Dr. Hassan, S.M.,

Ph.D., Petroleum Inst., Moscow (1970).


Prof. Dr. Youssef, A.M.,

Ph.D., Ain - Shams University (1972).

Prof. Dr. Mohamed,A.I Ph.D., Mansoura University (1981).


 Prof. Dr. Abou-Elnadar, H.M.,
Ph.D., Romania (1983

Prof. Dr. Sheha, S.A.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1987).

Prof. Dr. Samra, S.E.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1986).


 Prof. Dr. EI-Kholy, AJ., Ph.D., Mansoura University (1980).

Dr. El-Farag H., Ph.D. Koucho, Japan (2000

Dr. Hamada, M.A.,

Ph.D., Houston University USA (1988).


Dr. EI-Shafei E.A.,

Ph.D. UK (2000).

Dr. Khedr, A.S.,

 Ph.D., Mansoura University (2004).


C-Theoretical Chemistry

Research is being done in the field of molecular spectroscopy including the spectroscopic behavior as well as the chemical, physical and photochemical activities of molecules based on theoretical calculations.  

Prof. Dr. Soliman, M.S.,

Ph.D., University of Dortmund, Germany (1979)

Dr. EI-Gharkawy E.R.

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1999).


 D-Thermodynamics and solution Chemistry 

Prof. Dr. Gomaa, E.A,

 Ph.D., Munich University Germany (1982). 

Prof. Dr. Shehatta, l.S.,

Ph.D., Mansoura University (1990).


  E-Solid State Chemistry   

Dr. Badr, G.E.,  Ph.D., Mansoura University (1993).













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