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The Physics Department was established in the year 1969 as one of six departments of Faculty of Science under the supervision of Cairo University. In 1972, Mansoura University was founded and the department started to develop to keep pace with all development in physics education.

The Department of Physics offers programs of study leading to the Master of Science (MSC) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. The department is strongly committed to graduate education and supports it by maintaining a strong and diverse research programs.

A basic goal of the program of graduate education is to prepare students for careers in research and related fields. It is intended that graduates will have the education and training necessary to enable them to make fundamental contributions to knowledge in physics or their chosen field. Further, it is anticipated that they will be peers with the next generation of technology leaders in industry and academia.

The department offers three undergraduate programs as:

  1. Sc. Degree in physics as physics major,
  2. Sc. Degree in Biophysics as Biophysics major,
  3. Sc. Degree in physics and Chemistry as double major
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