Foreign Students


Instructions to accept foreign students: -

• Original certificate of the bachelor degree (notarized)
• Original certificate of the masters degree (notarized) [when registering for Doctorate degree] – [should be equalized by the Supreme Council of Universities].
• Equalizing certificates
• Experience certificate (two years at least) in the field of study to join diploma.
• Original birth certificate
• Photocopy of passport
• Notarized medical certificate
• Complete application concerning comer students to join studies.
• Complete data applications
• Offer those documents to comers’ bureau – office of the head of University.

Equalization fees:
• Pay amount of 350 L.E. for Egyptian students or amount of 700 pounds for foreign students for the account No.: 1000708412 in National Bank of Egypt (Cairo university branch)
• Pay amount of 35 L.E. the fees of issuing equalization certificate in addition to stamping fees and post costs for the sake of the council.  


 Tuition and registration fee for undergraduate foreign students
The student who wants to study in Faculty of Science must pay fee for first time  $ 1500 (one thousand five hundred) pounds  in addition to the fee of high school, (1500 (one thousand five hundred) £ .


 The supreme council of universities is the only administration in A.R.E  which has the right to equalize the scientific grade (Doctorate – Masters – Bachelor) and the diplomas of high studies granted by incorporations and universities not authorized by the law of universities organizing No. (49) of 1972 and comparing with the equal scientific grade granted by the universities.
The instructions had been designed as a questionnaire to clarify the instruction of offering to equalization clearly and summarized, and guess the results if issuing direct certificate or complete equalization procedures.

*There is an electronic system for that     

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