Vision, Mission, and Objectives

The Department of Physics aspires to the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of teaching, research, and service the society. Teaching of physics courses to science majors, and non-science majors will be of the highest quality. Research conducted by faculty and students will be of importance nationally and internationally. Opportunities to render services to the University and surrounding community.
The Physics Department is one of the six departments of the Faculty of Science at Mansoura University. The department works in coherence with the mission of the Faculty of Science and the university. The Physics Department seeks to provide high quality education for undergraduate and graduate physics majors, as well as high quality service courses in physics to other university academic programs. The department is dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of the discipline of physics through strong academic and research programs, capable to compete nationally and internationally. The Physics Department also seeks to establish strong ties with the community and other institutions of the country by enhancing the contribution of the department to the development of society.
Our strategic objective aims to: provide an excellent undergraduate and graduate education to scientific students that will enable them to make significant contributions to the advancement of our country.
To develop students’ professional skills that enables a successful career (outcomes).
promotes the use of modern educational technology in lecture and laboratory courses.
Recruit and retain high quality faculty members with interests in the physical science areas
develop a culture of research and professionalism that will contribute to the country’s progress as well as to the personal growth and development of the members of the department
encourage and advance links with industry
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