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    Zoology Department represents one of the main departments in the Faculty of Science and aims to prepare generations of scholars and researchers in the various fields of zoology required by the labor market.

   The department also plays an important and effective role in the development of civil society by providing scientific service by detecting many diseases, their causes and how to prevent Including training workers in the public and private sectors, researchers, graduates and students in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology, tissue and cell technologies, isolating proteins, and conducting biological analyzes in blood and various organs. The department also trains researchers, graduates and students on how to identify marine organisms and study the impact of pollutants and toxins on organisms that live in these environments.

   The department aims to prepare a student to work and actively participate in scientific research in the field of zoology, using the skills learned in the department in community development and service. There are two main programs in the department, namely, the Special Zoology Program and the Chemistry and Zoology Program. The department has prepared other academic programs, and the regulations for those programs have been prepared. A list has also been prepared for master’s and doctoral degrees.The department has prepared a Diploma in Biological Laboratory Analysis.

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